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What Do I Do Now?

This letter will be attached to your damage assessment prepared by Elite Dent Company for your vehicles Auto Hail Damage Repairs.


Q: Do I need to get multiple estimates from different repair shops?

A: No, you are not required to get multiple damage estimates and you do not have to go to any specific shop. It is your choice to have your vehicle repaired at whatever shop you want.


Q: I already have another estimate and it is less or more expensive, what does this mean?

A: We are always happy to go over any other estimates with you and answer any of your questions. Many times shops will write a lower initial estimate to get the job or vehicle in the door. Then when they get started with the repair process they will find more damage and request the Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield mo insurance company to pay for the additional costs. This is a very common practice, shops will spend a minimal amount of time to give an estimate, then when the customer drops their car off for repairs, the additional amount is found very quickly. We do our best to locate and document all damages with our initial estimate but in some cases we will also find additional supplemental damages. All of these additional repairs will be gone over with your insurance company prior to any repairs on these specific items. After approval and agreement with the insurance company and you the customer, we will then start repairs on these items. Your insurance company will make payment directly to us for these items, unless otherwise mentioned.


Q: How long do Auto Hail Damage Repairs take?

A: There are many factors when determining a repair time for a vehicle. Most repairs are made within a day to a few business days. Parts will be ordered right away but in some cases items can be on backorder. If there are any supplements for additional items that were damaged other than what was on the original estimate this can prolong the repair time, sometimes by multiple days. You will be kept informed and up to date on the entire process. If you ever have any questions on the status of your vehicle feel free to give us a call!


Q: What is a Pre and Post Diagnostic Scan?

A: A Pre and Post Diagnostic scan is a computerized scan of the vehicle’s computer systems to insure everything on the vehicle is in working order before AND after repairs are done. We are required by many manufacturers to do this Prior and After doing repairs on vehicles. Most manufacturers require them to be done if a battery is disconnected or if items such as headlights, tail lights or headliners are taken apart for example. This is an extremely crucial part of the repair process but unfortunately still overlooked by many Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield mo repair shops. Be sure to ask your repair shop if they are performing these diagnostic scans. We will provide you with a Pre and Post Scan printout for your records with the final invoice for your repairs.


Q: What sets one repair shop apart from another repair shop?

A: There are many things that might set one company apart from another. First off we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. Some insurance companies will claim if you don’t have your vehicle repaired at their “Certified Shop” you will not be given a warranty. This is not the case, the shop is the one who warranties their work not the insurance company

In the event of a hail storm for instance many technicians will come from out of state to repair vehicles, this is good because of the huge increase and instant demand for quick repairs. One issue with this is when they are gone they are gone and typically so is any kind of warranty. What would happen if something didn’t function on your vehicle and the repair company was gone? You will be stuck with the bill. Be sure to choose a company that will remain in Springfield AFTER your repairs are made.

B: You can expect absolutely perfect flawless repairs.
Our highly experienced technicians are certified master craftsmen that never compromise on the absolutely perfect quality Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield mo repairs we expect at Elite Dent Company.

You can feel confident that we will look out for you and your vehicle’s best interest when it comes to the repair methods we use to repair the damage to your car while retaining the value of your vehicle. If the damage to your vehicle is significant, most insurance companies will write the estimate to cut the roof of the vehicle off and weld a new one on and repaint it this is because most auto body repair facilities do not have technicians with the ability to repair more severe Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield mo damage and it is more cost effective for them to replace the roof rather than repair disregarding what is best for the value of your vehicle. At Elite Dent Company we always repair everything we possibly can with paintless dent repair first because it is the only way to retain the original paint and value of your car.

C: We provide you a courtesy vehicle during repairs

It can be a huge inconvenience to have to go without your vehicle for a few days or even a week during the approval and repair process. We understand this can be a limiting factor in finding time to repair your damage and we do our best to make the repair process as smooth and convenient as possible for our Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield mo clients.

We take an extreme amount of pride in our Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield mo work and everything is done as if we were repairing our own vehicles. Our repair standards are the absolute highest of quality because we ourselves would expect nothing less.

It is our goal to also provide the highest customer service to you. If you have any questions about the repair process, your estimate or anything else please give us a call!

Sidney Huff
417-417- DENT (3368)