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Our Services Include:

Hail damage repair, large dent repair, door ding repair, and rental cars.

Auto Hail Damage Repair:

It is not uncommon to have a damaging hail storm in Springfield MO or the surrounding area in the spring or fall seasons.

Elite Dent Company exists to solve all of your hail damage problems and get your car, truck, or SUV back to pre storm condition as if it never happened. We have specialized in hail damage repair since 2007 performing thousands of hail damage repairs all over the world at automotive dealerships, auto manufacturing plants, auto body collision shops, rail road holding lots, and auto rental facilities. Elite Dent Company stays on the cutting edge of tooling, software, diagnostics, calibration, education and certifications to provide our Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield Mo customers a flawless repair and seamless hail removal process.

Elite Dent company is experienced in the entire hail damage repair process from writing a free initial hail repair estimate, walking through the entire claim process with you and your insurance company, providing quality courtesy vehicles during repairs, thoroughly documenting all damaged panels and parts, performing pre repair diagnostic scans, completing repairs thoroughly to perfection in a fraction of the time of other conventional auto body repair shop or dent repair shop, replacing any trim molding or parts necessary to bring your vehicle back to pre storm condition, performing post Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield Mo diagnostic scans to confirm all vehicle calibrations are proper, to final inspection making sure that your vehicle is clean and absolutely flawless again. When it comes to Hail damage repair in Springfield MO there is no better option for you and your vehicle.

Large dent repair:

When it comes to large complex dent repair there is no question that it takes highly skilled and experienced Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield Mo technicians to get the kind of perfect results we expect at Elite Dent Company. With our current staff we have over 75 years combined experience. You can have peace of mind knowing that your car is in good hands at Elite Dent Company, We have successfully repaired large dents in all types of vehicles caused from things like deer, trash receptacles, falling tree limbs, basketball goals, shopping carts, car doors, collisions with other vehicles, trailers, and the list goes on and on. We are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible with paintless dent repair and love a challenge.


Crease dent repair:

A crease dent is normally characterized by a sharp line dent that is either horizontal or vertical. This kind of damage is typically much more difficult and time consuming because of several different factors. When repairing creases, special Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield Mo attention has to be given to multiple different angles of repair to insure that the crease dent is repaired to perfection. With a crease dent, the metal is usually stretched more than a round dent which takes more time and special tooling and equipment to shrink the metal back to its original form.

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Small dents:

Paintless dent repair was originally created for these types of small dents and damage but with the advancement of tools, technology and training we are capable of much more complex and difficult damage than before. Small dents and dings are typically caused by hail stones, acorns, walnuts, baseballs, basketballs, footballs, or from small objects hitting your car on a windy day. Elite Dent Company is very proficient with dents and damage of this nature. It is very affordable to repair small dents and scratches like this. Sometimes even with a chip or crack in the paint that can be touched up rather than repainting an entire panel or vehicle. It is almost always more beneficial for the value of your car to have paintless dent repair performed rather than conventional auto body fillers and paint.


Door Dings:

The most common cause of a dent in a car, truck or SUV is a door ding. We have all walked out to our car in a parking lot to find a car parked too close and a new dent in our vehicle. The most frustrating cause of damage is definitely another person’s negligence. Door dings can happen on almost any panel of a vehicle including fender, front door, rear door, quarter panel, bedside, tailgate, liftgate, trunk, and even the hood. Elite Dent Company is here to turn back time and reverse those nasty door dings as if they never occurred. We pride ourselves in leaving no trace at all of any Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield Mo we perform.


Glue pull repair:

Also known as GPR, this is the least internally invasive dent repair technique. Glue pull repair is most commonly used on panels where access to the back side of the damage is limited or not possible. Typically access is limited on the drip rails, some areas of the quarter panels, the latch area of the hood, and the top area of the doors. It works by gluing specially designed glue tabs strategically onto the damaged area of the vehicle and pulling the dent or ding out with one of several different glue pulling tools. This method of dent removal offers significant advantages over traditional dent repair techniques as it is possible to move more of the damage into place faster than tooling with less residual damage. One of the more negative aspects of glue pull repair is the limited ability to pull sharp or tight dents and it can be significantly more time consuming on dents of this type.

Because dings and dents can vary in size, shape, and location, each one can bring its own unique set of challenges that require skill and years of experience to fix. We at Elite Dent Company recommend you ensure you are working with professionals by asking as many Auto Hail Damage Repair springfield Mo questions as you need to feel comfortable with who you trust your vehicle with. When it comes to paintless dent repair, cheaper is not always better and choosing the wrong repair shop can be very costly.

If you would like to learn more about PDR (paintless dent repair), hail damage removal, glue pull repair and other dent repair services, give Elite Dent Company a call right away!


Rental Cars

It is not uncommon for our clients to need a loaner vehicle while we are repairing their car. We provide this as well and rent them out to anyone who needs them as well.


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